This is what we've dreamed of our whole lives: Kuperman Family Band!! (Featuring Noah Kuperman on drums)
We've celebrated the marriages of many of our friends (Nathan & Karyn's wedding in Charleston, NC)
(Bradley & Jori's wedding in Joshua Tree, CA)
(Kyle & Anne's wedding in Palm Springs, CA)
We enjoyed our friend's weddings so much... that we got engaged!! (Malibu, CA)
Post-engagement lunch lounging (Malibu, CA)
Engagement evening celebrating with family in CA (thanks to the Kort fam for the post-dinner party!)
We've seen much of the country (and a little bit of the world) together - here we are on our first trip together!! (London, England)
Slot canyon in Page, AZ
(Joshua Tree, CA)
(Chicago, IL)
Hiking! (Seattle, WA)
Remember the Alamo! (San Antonio, TX)
Everywhere you look... (San Francisco, CA)
Hiking! (Denver, CO)
Seeing The Avett Brothers @ Red Rocks! (Denver, CO)
Learning about Steph's Detroit roots (Motown Museum; Detroit, MI)
We surf now! (San Diego, CA)
Winwood Walls (Miami, FL)
Winwood Walls (Miami, FL)
Disney World! (Orlando, FL) ... Thanks, McKinsey!
Texas State Fair (Dallas, TX)
(Los Angeles, CA)
We're a regular Chandler & Monica (Los Angeles, CA)
(San Francisco, CA)
Pretending to like wine in Napa, CA
Post-hike in Venice, CA
The only Halloween costumes we own (and will ever own)
Last day in NYC (taking in those city views one last time from BK)
Last day in NYC (airport en route to Austin)
We live here now! And you're coming here! (Austin, TX)
Susan Moyal